Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design


Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design

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31st meeting of SC7

The next meeting of CEN TC 250/SC7 will be held in Leuven, Belgium, in April 2016.

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4th meeting of SC7/Working Groups

The next meeting of CEN TC 250/SC7/WGs will be held in Leuven, Belgium, in April 2016.

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Systematic review of Eurocode 7

National Standards Bodies held a Systematic Review of Eurocode 7 in 2015, in order to gather comments and views ahead of the fortcoming revision of the standards.

The comments received are currently being consided by SC7 for potential implementation in the next version of Eurocode 7.

3rd ISSMGE Webinar

Andrew Bond (Chairman on SC7) delivered the 3rd ISSMGE Webinar on

'Eurocode 7: past,present, and future'

in December 2011. Download the notes from this webinar. Re-play the webinar from the ISSMGE website.

Eurocode 7 Today and Tomorrow

BGAFind out about the BGA Symposium entitled 'Eurocode 7 - Today and Tomorrow', which was held in Cambridge on 23rd March 2011.

See Today and Tomorrow for further details.

ETC10 Evaluation of Eurocode 7

This Technical Committee, established by the European Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering and chaired by Dr Trevor Orr, is charged with evaluating the introduction of Eurocode 7 into European design practice.

See ETC10 for further details.
International Workshop at Pavia held

Eurocodes blog

Andrew Bond's Decoding the Eurocodes blog provides 'news and views about the Structural Eurocodes' dating back to May 2006.

See blogs for further details.


Published books dealing with various aspects of Eurocode 7 include:

Driscoll et al. (2009), EC7 - Implications for UK practice, CIRIA C641, London: CIRIA, 126pp.

Bond and Harris (2008), Decoding Eurocode 7, London: Taylor & Francis, 598pp.

Frank et al. (2004), Designers' guide to EN 1997-1: Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design - General rules, London: Thomas Telford.

See books for further details.


Training courses on Eurocodes 7 are provided by:

Geocentrix logoGeocentrix has five different one-day 'Decoding Eurocode 7' courses which it has delivered in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, and in-house.

See training courses for further details.

Articles and papers

Published articles on Eurocode 7 include:

Andrew Bond and Brian Simpson (2009-10). Pile design to Eurocode 7 and the UK National Annex

Schuppener et al. (2009), Loss of static equilibrium of a structure - definition and verification of limit state EQU

Schuppener et al. (2009), Eurocode 7 for geotechnical design - a model code for non-EU countries

See articles for further details.


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