Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design


Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design

Eurocode 7 - today and tomorrow

What was it?

BGA'Eurocode 7 - Today and Tomorrow' was a Symposium organised by the British Geotechnical Association (BGA) to discuss British and European experience in implementing Eurocode 7 and to influence plans for the future development of the code. The symposium and the meeting was an opportunity to showcase the UK’s understanding of and commitment to EC7.

When was it held?

The Symposium was held on Wednesday 23rd March 2011 in Cambridge, UK, immediately before the main Eurocode 7 committee meeting (TC250/SC7) held on Thursday and Friday 24th-25th March 2011.

Where was it held?

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

How much did it cost?

BGA secured sponsorship for this event from a number of leading organizations (as listed below) and so was able to keep the price of attendance down to just £80 + VAT per head.


ICE Institution of Civil Engineers
Spon Press Spon Press
British Standards Institution
Bachy Soletenche
Cambridge Insitu

ICESpon Press

Proceedings of the Symposium

Lecture (click for PDF) Speaker
Eurocode 7 Today and Tomorrow Sarah Stallebrass (BGA Chairman)
Future development of Eurocode 7

Andrew Bond (Chairman of TC250/SC7)

Ground structures - slope and retaining wall design in the Netherlands Adriaan van Seters (Fugro)
Implementation of pile design in the UK David Beadman (Byrne Looby)
Site investigation - some aspects of EN 1997-2 David Norbury (independent consultant)
Water pressures - safety in design Brian Simpson (Arup Geotechnics)
Eurocode 7 soil characterization - ULS parameters Tony O'Brien (Mott MacDonald)
Calculation models for Ultimate Limit States Andrew Smith (Coffey Geotechnics)
EC7 serviceability - simple calculation models Malcolm Bolton (Cambridge University)
Serviceability - numerical analysis Andrew Lees (Frederick University, Cyprus, and Geofem Ltd)
Obtaining parameters for numerical analysis Chris Clayton (Southampton University)
Panel discussion Andrew Bond and Malcolm Bolton

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