Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design


Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design

ETC10 Evaluation of Eurocode 7


The International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) has established European Technical Committee 10 (ETC10) to "evaluate the ... geotechnical design process ... covered by ... Eurocode 7 by carrying out a number of design examples".

A first set of Design Examples was studied in 2005, when characteristic values of soil parameters were provided. Details of the exercise are published in the Proceedings of the International Workshop organized by Dr Trevor Orr (Chairman of ETC10) and held in Dublin in March/April 2005. Proceedings can be ordered from here.

'Design Examples 2'

A second set of Design Examples has now been developed, in which designers are asked:

  • to select characteristic values from the available site investigation data
  • to design the foundation according to Eurocode 7
  • to complete the corresponding on-line questionnaire (available on the website)

These design examples involve selecting characteristic soil parameter values from the results obtained from different types of field and laboratory tests carried out at the site where the design examples are located. The designer is asked to assume that the sites involved are in his/her own country and to choose the appropriate National Annex accordingly.

A follow-up exercise will involve:

  • repeating the foundation design using characteristic values selected by ETC10
  • completing a follow-up questionnaire about this re-design


Each design example comprises a specification (in PDF format) that you can download from this website. The online questionnaire is also provided in PDF format so that you can prepare answers for the various questions (some of which ask for numerical values, others ask how you decided to do the design).

When you have completed the design and worked out your answers to the questions, you are asked to return to this website to submit your answers via our online questionnaire. If you encounter any difficulties with this process, please send an email to our webmaster and we will try to resolve them.

The Design Examples

  1. Pad foundation with vertical central load on dense sand
  2. Pad foundation with inclined load on boulder clay
  3. Pile foundation in stiff clay
  4. Earth and pore water pressures on basement wall
  5. Embankment on soft peat
  6. Pile foundation in sand

Download all the examples in PDF

Deadline for submission EXTENDED

To enable the committee to have enough time to interpret submissions, we have extended the deadline to Saturday 31st December 2009 for receipt of your contribution.

Workshop in Pavia, 12-14 April 2010

The 2nd International Workshop was held in Pavia, Italy from 12th to 14th April 2010, to discuss the initial findings from this exercise. More...


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