Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design


Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design

ETC10 Design Example 2.4
Earth and pore water pressures on basement wall

Design Example 2.4

The purpose of this design example is to investigate differences in the way that engineers determine design water pressures acting on the back of a retaining wall.


Specification of Design Example 2.4 (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: this example was changed on 9th November 2009 to match the one given in the 'complete' PDF download. If you have submitted your results before that date, please check which example you looked at.

Questionnaire 2.4

Download a Word copy of Questionnaire 2.4 to complete in draft before submitting your answers via the online questionnaire given below.

When you have decided on your answers to the questionnaire, please submit them to us using the online form Questionnaire 2.4.

Thank you for your contribution!

Phase 2: benchmark exercise

Phase 2 of the exercise involves re-designing the foundation with benchmark characteristic values supplied to you in this document.

When you have re-designed the foundation, please submit your new answers using the following (modified) online form Questionnaire 2.4 benchmark.

Thank you once again for your contribution!


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